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A small collection of events from my artistry that were not only an important step in my work, but were also memorable for me personally. Because they delivered a story, influenced me or sometimes gave the idea that for a moment everything fell into place.
2nd publication in de Volkskrant
Saturday 7 November 2020
Following the hijacking of # ditismijnzorg
Kaping # zorgmedewerkers.jpg

First Publication of my illustration in de Volkskrant

from Saturday 3 October 2020

Following the column by Aleid Truijens about 'the Reading Disaster' in Dutch education

Juryprijs BAS grafiekprijs 2014

Na in 2014 een periode nauwelijks in mijn atelier gewerkt

te hebben, greep ik de algemene oproep voor deelname

aan de jaarlijkse grafiekprijs van Bussines Art Service

aan om weer een nieuwe start te maken.

Ik was heel tevreden over het resultaat en stuurde het in.

Tot mijn grote verassing hoorde ik niet alleen tot de tien genomineerden, maar bleek ik tevens de juryprijs gewonnen te hebben.

Bij de feestelijke opening van de tentoonstelling van Bussines Art Service in Raamsdonksveer hoorde ik van de juryleden dat mijn werk normaal gesproken eigenlijk te klein van formaat was, waardoor er een flinke discussie ontstond of het gediskwalificeerd zou moeten worden.

De jury was echter zo onder de indruk van mijn inzending dat ze er, zoals gezegd werd: " gewoon niet omheen konden" 

En dus werd er dat jaar voor het eerst ook een juryprijs uitgereikt

    Writer and poet HC ten Berge - 'A second introduction'

In the first year of the academy we were commissioned to make a print based on one of the Eskimo stories, written by HC ten Berge. I chose the story about a mother who is eaten by her own child immediately after giving birth (see result below left)

Twelve years later I had an exhibition in Gallery "De Leesb Library" in Zutphen; the city where I grew up, where I exhibited together with Pamela McAdam.

What I didn't know was that she was ten Berge's wife, until he appeared at the opening of the exhibition and was introduced to him

Eskimo verhaal-ets.jpg
Uitnodiging expo Zutphen.jpg
Jan Wolkers
Collaboration Jan Wolkers and graphic artist Rien van der Nat

What not many people knew at the time is that I contributed to the print that Rien van der Nat made for Wolkers' poem "Winter Flight".

Nl .: a sketchy etching of a bent forward bare male torso (in the brown surface), which he incorporated in his print.

Of course Jan Wolkers knew about this

wolkers prent.jpg
Publication in AD / Utrechts Nieuwsblad - by Jan Juffermans sr.
announcement Exhibition Kunsthandel Juffermans 2004
publicatie in AD / UN Juffermans
stuk J.J. sr.

I hardly knew what was happening to me; a successful exhibition, ushered in by a two-day opening. Which attracted prominent art lovers from Utrecht and surroundings and I had, for example, a cheerful conversation with Leen Timp and Mies Bouwman. In conclusion, they emphasized their admiration for and interest in my work once again

Publication Utrechts Nieuwsblad , by Thea Figee Graduation exhibition 2000

Meeting with the Flemish writer Hugo Raes in 2000 - my graduation year

In my graduation thesis I wanted to devote a chapter to the Flemish writer Hugo Raes, because my graduation work was partly inspired by his short fantastic - read: fantasy - stories.

I wrote a letter to his Dutch publisher: de Bezige Bij, with a request for additional information about the writer (besides what I could find in the library - that was still the case in the pre-internet time)

After a week or two or three I started to get angry because there was no response to my letter. When, to my great surprise, Hugo Raes himself left a message on my voicemail

After I called him back he said how happy he was with my request. Because after a ten-year writer's block he had started again on a new book and the interest of a young person in his work, out of the blue, did him very well.

Some time later I was allowed to visit him in his home in Hoboken, Antwerp for a conversation, in which he took me along the stories and memorable moments in his life. While enjoying a Belgian special beer, of course.

I hardly used the list of questions that I had on my lap.

I had brought a folder with work to show him how I worked out the inspiration through his stories in my prints.

I went home without a folder, thinking that perhaps one of those pictures on the drawing room wall would end up in his living room. Who knows even next to a drawing by his friend and one of the Netherlands' fantastic artists; Peter Vos.

After this meeting there was a short exchange of correspondence, after which the contact diluted.

Reading that last book, on which he was still working at the time, I have always postponed to this day. Knowing that no new book will be published.

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